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Shop Update  7/15/24


Please allow 5 business days for new orders to ship

Smokin' Amp Co. Golden Pony pedal with gold enclosure

Randy R. 
Golden Pony (

Absolutely killer pedal, it’s the closest thing to a real Klon I have ever played! And I’ve tried them all. It’s VERY well built and the touch response is unreal it has tons of volume on tap.. Gabe is great at communicating and always responds very quickly! 


Kevin B.
Micro V v2 envelope filter

If you're even thinking about getting one of these envelope filter, DO IT!


Jordan B.
Ginger Bass overdrive

Smokin' Amp Co. delivers with good quality components in the pedal. As a DIY builder...Built the way I would have built it, I would absolutely buy again, no question. 


Steven S.
Custom AB+Mute

This has been the greatest customer service experience ever, thus far. Customization, promptness, good communication,  so awesome. 

Smokin' Amp Co. volume pedal with footswitch

Anthony C : Volume Pedal

This little pedal is exactly what I needed to make my amp apartment friendly. Good pedal, good communication, good seller!

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