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Our Bad Mother is a copy of the now discontinued D*A*M Ezekiel 25-17 bass overdrive preamp pedal, delivering four clipping modes and a wall of low end sonic destruction, and it's also great for guitar!



  • Drive
  • Level 
  • Treble: a low pass filter to dial in the right amount of fizz
  • Blend: Mix the level of your clean signal with the effect, buffered.
  • Clipping: a 4 position rotary knob that allows you to choose from silicon, germanium, LED, or bypass.


Hand built using a high quality PCB, hand tested 1N34a germanium diodes, Neutrik Rean jacks, and a pro-grade footswitch, for years of trouble-free use. I personally build and test every unit prior to shipping, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Power: 9v DC (-) negative tip polarity

Dimensions: 4.8" x 2.6"

Smokin' Amp Co. Bad Mother- Ezekiel 25:17 inspired bass overdrive

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