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In 2020, as soon as shutdowns began nationwide, I wanted to offer a product that people could play with, as well as learn and take their mind off all that was going on outside. The Beavis Board was created by Beavis Audio in Australia several years ago and included all the components needed to create many different effects on a breadboard and in/out box that makes connections easy and clutter free.

I no longer offer individually bagged projects, this listing includes the interface box, jumpers, and one breadboard. I will include a link to all project pdf’s as well as a list of all parts needed for all projects.

This kit will include the following:


(1) Smokin' Amp Co. in/out box with guitar in and out, voltage Sag knob, and terminal strip for in, out, 9v, and ground connections to breadboard


(1) 830 point breadboards

Documentation on how to build:


a boutique Tube Screamer overdrive

EHX LPB-1 boost

a germanium Fuzz face

Bazz fuss- fuzz**

Lovepedal Woodrow

Colorsound 1 knob fuzz *

D*A*M* Meathead fuzz *

D*A*M* Meathead dark fuzz *

Dr. Tony Balls 1966 fuzz *

Dan Armstrong Blue Clipper

Brian May Treble Booster

JHS Little Black Buffer

Tillman Preamp

Beavis Board Prototype Interface with breadboard and jumpers

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