The discontinued Lovepedal Les Lius is a fantastic circuit that gives you three Fender amp tones in one pedal- ours does it in a smaller, more compact pedal requested by our customers. 


With this pedal you have your choice of a 5E3 Fender Tweed Deluxe, a high power 50's Fender Twin, and a Master Volume Tchula which is a combination of the previous two amps.


Each pedal is hand built using Neutrik jacks and a pro series footswitch for more cycles than a standard switch, and it's more quiet too.


Every pedal is bench tested prior to shipping, satisfaction guaranteed. 


Dimensions: 4.6" long  x 2.6" wide

Power: 9V DC tip negative (-)

Less Louie- Les Lius clone

SKU: 2021007