With an OBEL equipped guitar, you will have cables running everywhere- one from your OBEL jack to your pedal board and the mono guitar output going back to your amp. Messy at best, possibly dangerous on a dark stage. Here is your solution.


With this breakout box, both of your OBEL equipped instrument jacks will connect to one box so you’re not tied in the middle . Additionally I can add a buffered output to send a strong, clear signal from the box to your amp, if needed.


Other customizable options include a foot switch to select either the OBEL jack to your effects loop or guitar in to your effects loop for if you switch to a non-OBEL equipped guitar but still want to use your effects pedals.


Built using high quality Neutrik Rean jacks and a pro grade, light click footswitch rated for 50,000 cycles- every pedal is hand built and bench tested prior to shipping. 

Smokin’ Amp Co. OBEL breakout box