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With an OBEL equipped guitar, you will have cables running everywhere- one from your OBEL jack to your pedal board and the mono guitar output going back to your amp. Messy at best, possibly dangerous on a dark stage. Here is your solution.


With this breakout box, both of your OBEL equipped instrument jacks will connect to one box so you’re not tied in the middle . Additionally I can add a buffered output to send a strong, clear signal from the box to your amp, if needed.


Other customizable options include a foot switch or side mounted toggle switch to select whether the box’s OBEL jack sends and returns the effects loop back to your guitar or if it only sends, which allows a standard guitar to be used with the effects loop, still using your OBEL jack and TRS cable.


Built using high quality Neutrik Rean jacks and a pro grade, light click footswitch rated for 50,000 cycles- every pedal is hand built and bench tested prior to shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Smokin’ Amp Co. OBEL breakout box

PriceFrom $55.00
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