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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Our website's front page will always give you the current shop status and lead time for new orders. Because I offer options and customization for most products, each one is hand built to your needs, after the order is received. 

But I have a gig in _ days, what if I need something shipped right away?

Message me with your need and I can let you know if an expedited order is possible at that time, sometimes I can accommodate a rush order, depending on current work load, stock on hand, and your needs. Expedited orders may incur a rush fee, in addition to the shipping charges.

How do I have a custom product built for me? 
Simply message or email me and we can discuss what your needs are and I can determine if it's something I would be able to assist you with. Most often the answer is yes, especially when it's an alternate layout or modification of an existing product. Consider what you see on our website just a starting point to what we offer!

Do you have any original effects you have designed?

I do not have any original design for sale at this time. Products like the RAR Fuzz take an existing circuit (Big Muff Pie) and add additional controls and tweaked component values that were not previously available on the market, making them unique but not completely original. The original products I offer are the custom hand built products I work with customers to create.

What if I don't like the effect I purchased?

I understand effects need to be played with your instrument and your amp, in your environment. If you're not happy with a pedal I allow returns for a full refund, minus the shipping charges for both sending and returning the pedal, those will be deducted from the amount you paid. 

What if I receive a defective product?

A pedal that is not working correctly when you receive it is a bummer, and also very rare, but it can happen. If your product isn't working when you receive it just send me a message and we will troubleshoot and quickly get a return label to you so we can bring the item back in the shop and determine the issue. Often a replacement will be sent out to you the next day, depending on the issue. Regardless of the situation, your satisfaction is top priority. 

What if I accidentally damage a pedal by connecting the wrong power supply? 

The number one issue I see with damaged pedals is a customer using an incorrect power supply. Usually it's an 18v supply connected to our Golden Pony "Klone" which has an 18v charge pump inside to boost the external 9v power supply you'll use. Connecting an 18v supply will destroy the charge pump circuit every time because the IC can only accept 9 volts incoming. You will need to pay to return the pedal to me, pay for the cost to repair the circuit ($35) and purchase a return label to ship it back to you, (average total of $50) so please always use a standard 9v, negative tip polarity, quality power supply. 

Can I get a free pedals or a discount because I'm an artists?

No, I do not give away free pedals or "artist pricing" I am a struggling musician as well :)

I always try to price my products so they are affordable for anyone who would like to use them. 

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