Get that signature Jerry tone with this hand built, expanded version of the classic Mutron V envelope filter!




•Attack- added control not available on the original

•Decay-added control not available on the original

•Hi/Lo frequency range switch



Start by setting the pedal to these levels and then try different pickup selections to find which responds best with the pedal. Decay 75%, Attack 25%, Filter- Up, Range


For instruments like bass guitar and banjo, the new Clean Blend circuit has proven to be the needed addition to make this pedal sing! This add-on is available in the drop down options.


Built using high quality Neutrik jacks and a pro grade footswitch, for years of trouble free use. Hand built and bench tested prior to shipping.


As every pedal is made by hand, please allow for tiny finish imperfections that may occur during the building process, I have to drill and work with enclosures that are already painted.




Dimensions: 4.6" x 2.6"

Power: 9V DC tip negative (-)


*Smokin' Amp Co is in no way affiliated with Musitronics or the original Mu-tron pedals. This pedal takes the original circuit and adds controls to the effect that were not found on the original, for a more user friendly pedal*

Smokin' Amp Co- Micro V style envelope filter

SKU: 2021006