Ultra compact, our classic A/B switch designed for switching between two amps or signal chains. Choose the Reverse A/B option to connect two instruments and one output. Place your pedal tuner on the A output and true bypass your tuner, with silent tuning. Switching is quiet, I guarantee you'll love it. 


Regarding LED's- many customers have no issue with LED pops when switching but this varies depending on your setup- higher gain pedals, amps, and other factors can intensify the pop so I suggest no LED unless absolutely necessary and A/B and Mute pedals are not returnable for this reason. 


Each pedal is hand built in the USA with high quality Neutrik jacks and a pro footswitch rated at 2x more cycles than a standard switch. Every pedal is bench tested prior to shipping.


A/B Dimensions: 3.6" x 1.5"

A/B with Master Mute dimensions: 4.4" x 2.4" 
Power: 9V DC (-), tip negative (for LED version)

A/B Switches

SKU: 2021003