You have pedals. You have cables. They all suck tone from your signal. This will help. A LOT.


Here's how it works:

Plug your guitar into the input.

FX Send goes to your first pedal.

FX Return goes to your last pedal output

Plug an amp into "Amp".

Plug a pedal tuner into "Tuner".


Using two separate buffers, we take your guitar signal and put a buffer in front of your FX loop to send a stronger signal down your cable run to your pedals. Once that signal comes back to the pedal, it runs through the second buffer before it goes to your amp, again sending a stronger, more clear signal.


Available with an optional Mute switch on the front end for quick, quiet muting of your signal. Alternately, this can be built as an effects loop bypass switch for when you aren't using any effects and want a direct guitar signal to your amp. 


Designed to have pedals in the FX loop, so if you decided to not have any pedals in the FX loop, simply plug a small patch cable in the Send and Return jacks to route it back into the pedal and on to your amp.




Power supply filtering and reverse polarity protection are built in the pedal.


Input impedence: 10MΩ

Output impedence: 10Ω


Hand built using Neutrik jacks and a high quality, smooth footswitch designed for years of trouble free use.


Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6"

Power: 9V DC (-) tip polarity

Dual Buffer Junction Box with Effects Loop-optional Mute switch

SKU: 2021013