A 2 channel splitter with dual buffers- ideal for splitting a guitar signal to two amps, or two pedal boards, etc.  



Guitar input
Two buffered outputs
Input impedence: 10M Ω
Output impedence: 100Ω


Buffered outputs preserve your guitar tone and clarity, opposed to cable splitters or non-buffered splitters that cause your signal to be degraded. I measure and match each pair of JFET's used for each output. A standard 9v power supply is needed to power the circuit. 


High quality components are used- including Neutrik jacks, metal film capacitors (audio grade electrolytics) and metal film resistors.


A stereo version is available (second photo, larger pedal), as well as a version with a master mute switch, please see our other listings for those versions. 

Dimensions: 3.6" x 1.5"
Power: 9V DC (-) tip negative

Dual Buffered Splitter