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The same complete Klon Centaur circuit as our Golden Pony, minus the switchable buffer, and in the larger enclosure with those knobs you'd recognize anywhere.  This circuit is not a cut down or altered version of the famous circuit, it includes all components as the original- both IC's and the internal 18v charge pump. (Operates on a standard 9v power supply, the internal charge pump boosts your 9v to 18.)


Built using high quality Neutrik jacks and a Pro Series footswitch rated for 2.5 more cycles than a standard switch, more quiet and smoother switching. Wired with a 9v battery snap inside and there is still a 9v DC jack.


Video link shows the original, smaller enclosure which is the gold version. This is the SAME pedal, just a larger enclosure and horizontal layout. 


Three year warranty to the original owner.


Dimensions: 4.6" long x 2.6" wide

Power: 9V DC tip negative (-)

Golden Pony Klone

SKU: 2021008
PriceFrom $120.00
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