Our Golden Pony is true to the original Klon Centaur with a switchable buffer. Our pedal consists of the full circuit including two TL072 IC's and charge pump circuit that boosts the incoming standard 9v up to 18v for more headroom. The buffered/true bypass switch is located inside the pedal and is easily accessed.


PLEASE NOTE- only use a standard 9V DC (-) tip polarity. The internal charge pump boosts the power from 9v to 18V.


All pedals are hand built, using high quality PCB's, Nichicon electrolytic capacitors, 1% tolerance metal film resistors, Texas Instruments IC's, Neutrik jacks, a Pro footswitch for 2.5x more life and a smoother click than standard switches!


Dimensions: 4.7" long x 2.6" wide

Power: 9V DC (-) tip polarity

Golden Pony- Klone with switchable buffer

SKU: 2021012