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This passive volume control with foot switch has multiple uses, here are a few ways it can benefit you:


1. After you set your amp for your lead tone, find the sweet spot for your clean tone by turning the pedal on and lowering the pedal's volume to your liking. Now you can switch between clean and lead tone at the press of a switch, no more searching for the sweet spot with your guitar's volume control.


2. For controlling the volume of amps like the Fender Hot Rod , Blues Deluxe, or Deville- Connect to your amp FX loop send and return so you can crank your amp but then dial back the output volume with our pedal- high gain at low volume! Simple and effective with no risk to your amplifier!


3. Control your guitar volume hands free. The large knob can be controlled by your foot if you need to make changes while you play.


4. Use it as a mute switch by turning the volume all the way down.


5. If you switch between guitars with passive and active pickups, attenuate the higher output active pickups with the volume pedal. A treble bleed is used, so there is no loss of high frequencies, with this pedal. (Also available without treble bleed, just include a message with your order.) If you're used to rolling back your guitar volume knob you know that the lower volume is darker because the guitar has no treble bleed. With our pedal the highs are retained, if you don't want that just ask for it to be removed.


Now available with a horizontal layout which works well if you’re going to set this on your amp and connect it to your effects loop. Just include a note requesting Horizontal layout if you’d like it.


The 9v power is only needed for the LED, and the pedal works with no power. Also, the LED can be removed, if you do not need it.


Every pedal is hand built using high quality Neutrik jacks and a pro footswitch, then bench tested before shipping.


Dimensions: 3.6" x 1.5"

Power: DC 9V (-), only needed for LED.

Passive Volume Pedal and FX Loop Volume control

SKU: 2021005
Color: Unpainted
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