True Bypass Loop switchers are designed to connect your effects so you can remove pedals not in use. This gives your guitar signal a more direct path to your amp, bypassing pedalboard buffers and cables that can negatively affect your tone. Another use is for vintage effects so you can turn them off/on without using their footswitch, and it's also a handy way to turn multiple pedals off and on with one switch!



  • 4 Loop $115
  • 4 Loop with master Mute $140
  • 5 Loop $140
  • 5 Loop with Master Mute $165
  • 6 Loop $165




  • Master Mute- Kills the guitar input, before loops +$25
  • Buffers- Add a buffer at the input, output, or both- $30 each. 
  • LED's- choose any combination of Red, Green, or Blue. no charge


I only use Neutrik Rean jacks and high quality pro-series foot switches, for years of trouble free use. Each pedal is Hand built and bench tested prior to shipping, satisfaction guaranteed. 


Power: 9v (-) tip polarity. Switching is passive and the 9v power is only required for the LED's and for the buffer, if you choose that option. 


True Bypass Loop Switchers