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Custom Projects

Custom 4 input rotary switch with buffered dual mono outputs and 5v USB charging port

This switcher was designed for a home recording setup that will allow choosing one of 4 signal/effect inputs to be buffered and split into two mono outputs for amp/recording inputs. It regulates the 9v power down to 5v for the USB port to power a wireless guitar signal going into input 1. 

custom rotary switcher pedal

Custom A/B switch with
True Bypass Effects Loop

A great solution for someone who often runs a guitar straight into their amp but does use effects at times-this switch allows you to bypass effects not being used, preserving the clarity in your signal. The A/B outputs can connect to two amps, "B" can be left empty so you mute your signal when selected, or you can use "B"as a tuner out. 

loop switch with selectable AB outputs

Loop Switches

Although not listed on our main page, I have always offered custom 2, 3, 4, or 5 input Loop Switches. Simply message me for pricing/availability. 

custom five loop switcher with master mute switch

Custom 4 input stage switcher with effects loop, mute, and tuner out.

This switcher was for a bassist using an electric bass, bass synth, and upright bass equipped with both a transducer and mic. There is an effects loop send and return with dual Mute switches before the loop. Two of the signals can be routed to the Tuner via reverse A/B wiring for silent tuning. The three outputs then went to a min mixer I built, for volume adjustments prior to the house signal. 

custom switching box with effects loop

Custom Stereo Mute Switch

Our simple Mute switch customized into a Stereo latching Mute for a keyboard player

dual mute switch with two quarter inch mono inputs and two quarter inch mono outputs

Custom Buffered Splitter with Volume and Individual Mute switches

This project incorporated a Volume switch with treble bleed, then buffered and split the signals to two outputs, each with their own mute switches. 

custom buffered splitter with input volume control
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