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The original Analogman King of Tone is a wonderful dual overdrive consisting of two modified Marshall Bluesbreaker circuits independently switchable, or stackable with each other.


So what's the difference between ours and the original? The Smokin' Amp Co. Tone of Kings includes a DIP switch to engage a higher gain option on each channel ($20 upgrade on the original) and we include a send/return loop so you can insert effects in between the two sides and have much more flexibility between the pedal and the rest of your pedalboard. (optional $50 upgrade on the original)


External Controls:

Drive: controls the amount of gain going into the op-amp feedback diode clipping stage.

Tone: controls the treble response of the channel via a passive filter.

Volume: controls the overall output of the channel



Internal Controls:

Presence (trimmer) : additional passive treble control. Default position is all the way down (full CCW) and as you turn it up it adds high-end. Noise or hiss will increase as well.

Soft Clip (DIP switch) enables or disables the soft clipping. Default position is up (enabled).

Hard Clip (DIP switch) enables or disables the hard clipping. Default position is down (disabled)

High Gain (DIP switch) enables or disables the high-gain mode. Default position is up (low gain).



Every pedal is hand built, using the very high quality Aion FX Theseus circuit board. They offer a complete DIY kit for $134 so we believe our hand built pedal with a one year warranty is very reasonably priced at $215. Click Here to see a demo video of the circuit.


Lastly, a note about the clipping diodes. The King of Tone uses MA856 diodes, which clip at a slightly higher threshold than standard silicon diodes such as 1N914 (approximately 0.82V compared to 0.7V). These diodes are out of production and have almost entirely disappeared from the market. The BA282 and BA283 are very close to the MA856, and were the popular substitute until they dried up too. Now, the closest option is the BAS33, which is what we use. These clip at around 0.8V, only very slightly lower than the MA856, the very best choice for this circuit. Compairng the curves on a Peak DCA75 confirmed that they closely match the MA856 across the current test range.

Tone of Kings- a King of Tone inspired pedal

$215.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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