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Considered one of, if not the best auto wah pedals on the market, the Snow White wah was created by Mad Professor (Bjorn Jule) and we offer a this hand built version that is true to the original circuit.



  • Sensistivity: Sets filter trigger level based on your playing. Your guitar volume knob will also affect the input sensitivity. 


  • Bias- controls the filter resonance frequency


  • Resonance-controls the sharpness of the Q-factor of the filter


  • Decay- determines how fast the filter frequency returs back to the resting point (set by the bias). Can be set fast for wah on every note or slow like a traditional auto wah sound


Hand built using Neutrik Rean jacks, high quality electrolytic capacitors, a rugged, white textured enclosure, and a pro-grade footswitch for years of trouble-free use; Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Snow White Auto Wah clone

$115.00 Regular Price
$103.50Sale Price
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