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One fuzz, many possibilities. Simply put, I wanted a fuzz pedal with fantastic tone that didn’t let my bass get lost in the mix, and the Bass Pie does just that. 


First off are the standard BMP style controls- Volume, Sustain and Tone, then we added a modified Big Muff tone control that gives improved control over the mid frequencies, allowing you to either boost or scoop them. The blend control then gives you as little or as much of your original signal, so the bottom ends stays fat while the fuzz still cuts like a knife. Lastly, the Diode lift switch adds or removes a pair of clipping diodes for even more tonal variation. In the end we have a pedal capable of fuzz that goes from subtle to slays, with more options in between.


Listen to the demo tracks here


Hand built using high quality components, Neutrik Rean jacks, and a foot switch rated for more than 2x the cycles of a standard switch. I bench test every pedal prior to shipping, satisfaction guaranteed. 



Smokin’Amp Co. Bass Pie Fuzz

$109.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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