The classic Dyna Comp is hard to improve on for a solid compressor, but we think  you'll agree that our offering does just that. The Ross compressor ( a favorite of Trey Anastasio) improved on the Dyna Comp's noise and that is where we start- 


First, there is improved power supply filtering which means less noise. Second, the output section has been improved to reduce ripple (which sounds like distortion compared to the original incoming clean signal). Now if you like that sort of thing you can message me ahead of the build and I can keep it stock like the original. Third, there is an attack (or release) control rather than a fixed resistor, so more tweaking is possible.  The attack controls the time of the release which is the amount of time after the input signal falls below the threshold before the compressor “resets” and is ready to compress again. This is a feature seen in the Boss CS-2 and Keeley Compressor. 


Built using high quality Neutrik jacks, Nichicon electrolytic capacitors, and a Pro series footswitch that's much quieter, with over 2x the cycles of a standard blue switch.


Power: 9V DC tip negative (-)

Smokin' Amp Co. Dyna Ross Compressor with added Attack control