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Choose from either our A/B/Y or an A/B with Mute switch


A/B/Y option

With the A/B/Y, connect one instrument to two amplifiers and switch between A and B, or use both simultaneously by engaging the Y switch. Wired to provide quiet switching between outputs, no loud pops or clicks. 

Choosing the dual buffered output option ensures you're sending a strong, clear signal after splitting the original incoming signal to two outputs. 


A/B+ Mute Option

Our popular A/B switch with a master Mute switch for silent instrument changes, tuning, etc. You may select this pedal with two inputs on the right (for switching between two instruments) or one input on the right and two outputs on the right or top side, your choice.  



Every pedal is hand built and bench tested prior to shipping. We use high quality Neutrik jacks and pro series footswitches rated at 2x more cycles than regular switches.


Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6"

Power: 9V DC (-) tip polarity

Smokin' Amp.Co. ABY or AB+Mute

PriceFrom $65.00
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