The Paramix gives you the ability to mix your incoming dry guitar signal, with effects you place in the effects loop, resulting in more clarity and fullness of your guitar or bass sound. Not a simple blender, the Paramix allows you to mix the two signals, in parallel. 


No more losing your most loved guitar tone, when you switch on an effect! Bass players can now use any effect without losing bottom end! If you're looking to get the most out of your effects board, the ParaMix really should be the next pedal you consider. 


Controls include:

  • Dry level
  • Dry Gain
  • Wet (amount of effect being added to the dry signal)
  • Phase switch. 


The diagrams  show the 3 most popular ways to use the ParaMix- 
1. to mix the desired level of effect, with your original clean signal. 

2. To split the original signal, and send one side to effects and to one amp, then send the other unaffected signal to a second amp. 

3. Connect an audio source (phone, tablet, music player, laptop) to the ParaMix return, and use the ParaMix as an audio mixer, for practicing.


Please allow 5-7 business days for this pedal to be built and shipped. 


Hand built in the USA, using high quality components, and Neutrik jacks for years of reliable service.


Bench tested prior to shipping, 1 year guarantee on all products. 

Parallel Mixer

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