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The four cable method, simply put,  uses four cables to run to your amplifier's input as well as the amp's effects loop to route pedals so they sound the best. Time based effects like reverbs and delays (as well as phaser, flangers, and chorus)  should be placed in the effects loop, and this box allows you to easily connect your effects in this way. 


Our pedal consists of eight jacks, here is how you connect them: 


Guitar: connect your guitar here

FX Send 1: connect to your first overdrive, fuzz, distortion, etc.

FX Return 1: connects to the output of the last overdrive, fuzz, etc.

Amp: Connects to your amp main input

Amp FX Send: connects to your amp FX Send jack

Amp FX Return: connects to your amp FX Return jack

FX Send 2: connects to your first modulation effect

FX Return 2: connects to the output of the last modulation effect


You now have all of your pedals connects to the proper input sections of your amp and I guarantee if you've never run your pedals this way, you are going to hear an improvement in your sound. 



  • Isolated Neutrik Rean jacks
  • Diecast Aluminim enclosure
  • Hand wired
  • Bench tested prior to shipping




Four Way Junction Box for Four Cable Method

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