Our Best Boy bass fuzz is an expanded version of the discontinued Chunk Systems Brown Dog, a fantastic and unique pedal. The circuit uses two op-amps, selectable LED clipping, and a clean blend for when you want to  keep your sound nice and round. 


  • Dirt- sets the level of distortion at the output
  • Clean- dials in the level your incoming clean signal
  • Drive- ranges from warm to hard edge distortion
  • Gate- less=normal fuzz, more =square wave synth!
  • Mids switch- tone cut/focus the dirty signal
  • Clipping switch- selects either op-amp clipping or op-amp+LED clipping


If you will be using this pedal with an active bass you will need to purchase the version with Active/Passive switch which will reduce the level of the incoming signal for best performance.


With Drive set at max and Gate set at min, oscillation is possible, a little Gate eliminates any noise when Drive is at max. 


With Drive at max and Dirt at 0 there may be some distorted signal passing to the output, this is the design of the circuit and normal.


Built using high quality electrolytic capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, genuine op-amps, Neutrik Rean jacks, and a footswitch rated for 50,000 cycles. Hand built and bench tested prior to shipping, satisfaction guaranteed. 


3 Year warranty on all pedals, to the original owner. 


Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.6"

Power: 9V DC (-) tip polarity

Smokin' Amp Co. Best Boy bass fuzz- AKA Brown Dog