• Image of Smokin' Amp Co. Tube Overdrive

A fantastic sounding tube boost/overdrive pedal for guitar, which uses a 12AU7 tube. The pedal has a gain, tone and volume control (left to right). The tube sits deep in the pedal and is protected by industrial u-bolts. There is a bright blue LED for "on" indicator.

This pedal is built using carbon composition resistors, polypropylene capacitors and is hand wired on a vintage style eyelet board, no pc boards are used.

The pedal is powered by a 9v power supply, but the tube heaters receive 33+ volts from internal circuitry that boosts the incoming 9v up to 33 volts.

This pedal is housed in a 1590BB enclosure measuring 4.70"L x 3.70"W x 2.22"H.

Included is a JJ 12AU7 tube. No power supply is included with the pedal and I recommend the Visual Sound 1Spot 9v power supply (negative tip polarity) or Boss PSA 9v power supply

This pedal is built to order, with a 7-10 day build time from date ordered.