• Image of Smokin' Amp Co. Golden Pony- Klon Centaur Clone

The Golden Pony is my hand built, part for part replica of the world famous Klon Centaur/KTR overdrive pedal. The Klon is one of the most coveted overdrives ever built, with earlier models currently selling for as much as $2,700! I wanted to offer this great sounding pedal at a price that any discerning player could afford. I've played this pedal beside the original and it has THAT sound.

I use an exteremely high quality circuit board with gold plated solder pads, low noise metal film capacitors, metal film resistors and audio grade Nichicon electrolytic capacitors for this pedal. Neutrik input and output jacks and a pro level footswitch are used for years of trouble free playing.

See the video demo here: https://youtu.be/cKA60lcx8Nc