• Image of OLC Tube Cricket Tube Hybrid amplifier

In addition to my own Smokin' Amp products, I am very proud to be the official builder for OL Circuits line of effects pedals.

The Tube Cricket is a 1 watt tube hybrid amp that uses a 12AU7 tube in the preamp and a JRC386 in the power section. This combination gives you sweet tube tone, in a very compact design. Blues to hard rock, this amp will do it and it does not disappoint!

Features of this amp include:

*Gain, Tone, and Volume Controls
*External speaker output- able to power any 4,8, or 16 ohm cabinet.
*One 12AU7 Tube with tube protector
*High quality Neutrik 1/4" jacks
*metal film capacitors and resistors for low noise
*12v power supply (included)

Shown with black plastic knobs and aluminum knobs- you can choose which knobs you prefer (just message me when you order). The aluminim knobs are a little smaller and give you a little more space between the knobs.